The passing of a loved one is an emotional and stressful time for all concerned. No one wants to think of money at a time such as this but it is unfortunately often necessary from a practical viewpoint. Certain things have to be paid for before the cemetery service can even begin. For example, the full purchase price of the interment rights (grave lot, niche, etc) and possibly the actual interment or cremation fee and any additional services (snow removal, etc). Burial markers cannot be installed until all interment costs have been paid in full.

Pre-planning benefits

Pre-planning your cemetery arrangements has many benefits for yourself and your family. For instance by pre-planning you get to choose exactly where your final resting place will be (over near a particular tree, a sunny location, facing west, etc.). Pre-planning also provides your survivors and executor with a clear idea of your desires in this regard. Pre-planning also allows you ample time to make an informed decision about services such as cremation or traditional in ground burial. With pre-planning you are also protected from rising cemetery costs, thus relieving your family of any sudden financial burden upon your death.


At Elmwood we offer numerous options for the deceased remains such as traditional full interment (casket), cremation interment (urn in ground), inurnment (urn in group niche columbarium or private niche columbarium). Other options may be available as desired. Contact the manager for further details.

Price List for Services

At Elmwood we pride ourselves in maintaining prices as low as possible to just cover our costs of operating the cemetery.

Interment Rights
Inground Lots - Perpetual Care 40% *
Burial Lots$875
1 interment and/or 2 cremations
Cremation Lots - 2 cremations
Section L$440
Sections N & Q$550
Niches – Perpetual Care 15%
Public Columbariums$1400 to $1800
2 cremations. Engraving not included. Contact the office for an estimate.
Family Columbariums – Perpetual Care 15% #$50 per square foot of land required
* The Company is required to deposit a portion of the Interment Rights price into the Care and Maintenance Fund.
# The Company is also required to deposit 15% of the total price of the columbarium into the Care and Maintenance Fund.
Other Services
Ownership Transfer$75
Certificate Replacement$50
Genealogy Search per name$35
Interment Fees
When budgeting for your cemetery arrangements, it is important to consider all potential charges. The fees in this list may be applicable.
Interment Fees (Burial)
Interment Fees (Cremation)
Interment - Cremation$500
Disinterment – Cremation$1000
Set-up Cremation Interment$80
Interment Fees (Entombment)
Entombment - Niche$325
Disentombment - Niche ++$500
++ Replacement cost of engraved double niche front is extra
Funerals that have not exited the cemetery by 4:00 PM$300
Saturday Interment$200
Statutory Holiday*$400
*Interments not conducted unless approved by Manager prior to final arrangements being made.
No interments are conducted on Sunday, Good Friday or Christmas.
Funeral Home Charge$150
If arrival is more than 15 minutes after time given to the Cemetery Manager.
Marking of location and inspection of foundation $75
Winter Charges (as required)
Winter storage - per month$175
Frost removal per hour (Minimum one hour)$100
Snow removal per hour (Minimum one hour)$80
Frost and snow removal will be invoiced after the date of interment.

All prices subject to HST. Prices may change at any time.